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Top 10 Industry Experts You Must Follow for Groundbreaking Insights and Innovations!


In a rapidly evolving world, staying ahead means following industry leaders driving future innovations. These visionaries in healthcare, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology are transforming industries with their groundbreaking work. Discover the top ten experts whose insights and contributions are creating new opportunities and redefining trends, offering valuable inspiration and knowledge. Dive into their profiles to explore their pioneering efforts.

Naresh Sijapati 


Online Saathi, founded by Naresh Sijapati, is revolutionizing the informal workforce sector in India. The platform provides access to government social security and welfare schemes, job connections, and essential services such as remittance, banking, and travel for the informal workforce. Utilizing technology, service providers, and local entrepreneurs, Online Saathi delivers these vital services. Dedicated to transforming lives through innovative technology and community-driven solutions, Naresh’s journey from an informal migrant worker to a successful entrepreneur is inspiring change nationwide.


Tanmay Nagpal- Leading Natraj Group of Industries in corrugated box making machines


Tanmay Nagpal, CEO of Nagpal Industries and Natraj Machinery, continues a legacy since 1950. As the third generation leader, he oversees the production of 3 and 5-ply Automatic and Semi-Auto corrugated box making machines under ‘NATRAJA’. With advanced manufacturing and in-house design units, the company meets clients’ needs. Tanmay also mentors new entrepreneurs, maintaining Nagpal Industries’ status as a top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in the packaging industry.


Dr Vijay Gakkhar- Microtia surgeon


Dr. Vijay ENT Hospital in Ajmer excels in microtia surgery, using rib cartilage for ear reconstruction. This technique, performed in their state-of-the-art modular OT, ensures biocompatibility, durability, and natural aesthetic outcomes. Led by the acclaimed Dr. Vijay Gakhar, the hospital’s dedicated microtia unit provides personalized care and has transformed over 300,000 lives. Dr. Gakhar’s expertise was recognized with the Best Microtia Surgery Award at the 2023 National Conference.


Dr. Kiran Prabha Chhabra- Skin Win – Skin, Laser & Hair Transplant Clinic


In Jaipur, Dr. Kiran Prabha Chhabra’s Hair Solutions excels in advanced hair care, offering solutions for hair fall and hair transplants. Combining cutting-edge technology with expert care, the clinic focuses on personalized, transformative results. Known for affordable yet high-quality services, Hair Solutions has received accolades like the Jaipur Ratan Samman Samarroh award. Dr. Chhabra’s dedicated team ensures exceptional outcomes for all hair care needs. We are planning to expand our presence and aim to establish 12 centers within the next year.


“Dr. Diwakar Sharma – Pioneering Hair Transplant Surgeon in Kota”


Derma Care Clinic in Kota, under the expert guidance of Dr. Diwakar Sharma, stands out as a leading center for addressing diverse skin and hair concerns. With over 15 years of experience and more than 1000 successful hair transplants, Dr. Sharma’s innovative FUE technique guarantees infection-free procedures in their modern OT setup. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of services including Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Fall Solutions, Glutathione Treatment, Hydra-Facial, Mole Removal, Skin Tag and Wart Removal, as well as botox, fillers, and thread treatments. Visit Skin Win Clinic for more information.


Dr. Joginder Singh Bedi


Joginder Singh Bedi, born July 25, 1986, is a trailblazing Indian entrepreneur and digital marketer. As the founder of LeadMagnet, Bedi has significantly impacted the digital marketing landscape. He is the first Indian to earn a Doctorate in Digital Marketing and has authored three influential books. His notable achievements include the Bhartiya GYAAN Ratan Award and the Marketing 2.0 Award in Dubai, making him a leading figure in his field.


Gautam Jain- Founder of Mindcation


Gautam Jain, bestselling author of “10 Leadership Habits,” is a renowned Life & Business Coach with 18 years of experience. Impacting over 1 MILLIONS lives through 2100+ seminars across India & Asia, he was honored with the Shining Star of India award in 2020. Gautam believes that Gen Z, heavily influenced by their devices, lacks an understanding of true freedom & the valuable lessons that come from failure. He champions self-exploration, resilience, and personal growth to overcome impatience & impulsivity.


Raja Mukherjee 


Raja Mukherjee, India’s leading anchor, clinched the 2024 Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award. Presented by luminaries Udit Narayan and Ali Ghani, he’s renowned as the world’s first corporate rapper, wowing audiences and hosting prestigious events globally. As independent rapper Raja RME, he has immensely contributed to the music scene. Additionally, he’s a bestselling author and a mentor to underprivileged youth. Notable accolades include the Business World Best Emcee and Most Stylish Emcee awards. This honour underscores Raja’s multifaceted talent and profound impact.


Dr. Lubna Kamal


Dr. Lubna Kamal, a renowned Homeopathic Nephrologist from Lucknow, has treated over 20,000 Chronic Renal Failure patients worldwide. Awarded by the Influencer Book of World Records, she presented a groundbreaking paper on CKD at LIGA 2011. As an Associate Professor and NGO leader, she promotes renal health awareness. During COVID, her mentorship earned recognition from World Book of Records, London. She has shared her views on preventive health in WHO Webinar and C20 event at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad.


Vikaas Naagru Brain Decoder – Career & Relationship Counsellor


Vikaas Naagru, Founder and CEO of Brain Infinity, is revolutionizing cognitive enhancement through personalized brain mapping and training. Their flagship Brain Mapping Test uses fingerprint analysis to uncover individual strengths and learning styles, fostering self-discovery and growth. Catering to students, professionals, and corporations, Brain Infinity’s tailored programs transform weaknesses into strengths. Recently, the company secured seed funding from USA Based Videeo LLC, marking a significant milestone and propelling it toward new horizons of innovation and empowerment.


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